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Make an appointment

Please phone the practice or present to the front desk between 8.30-11.30 am Monday to Friday with any medical issues. Your name will be added to a list for a call back from the practice on the same day. We cannot guarantee a time for the call back.

The GP will assess you over the phone in the first instance to decide if your issue can be dealt with on the phone or if a face to face appointment is indicated. All face to face appointments are arranged directly through the GP. If you have any difficulty communicating then please present to the front desk between 08.30-11.30am to leave your name and any language or communication requirement you have for the GP to make contact with you.

Please do not phone/present after 11.30am unless your issue is a medical emergency. If not, you will be asked to call back the following morning..

Booking appointments

To book an appointment, you can call the practice on 0141 959 2118. Alternatively you can book online by following the link below.


Phone 999 if it's a medical emergency.

Out of hours

If you need help when our practice isn't open:

Keeping appointments

It's important that you keep to your appointments. You have rights and responsibilities as a patient. Find out more about the Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities on NHS inform.